Want to keep having a fun and safe driving experience?

…. Just remember these basic driving safety tips:

Accelerate slowly
Go from a complete stop to a slow roll and gradually increase pressure on the gas pedal from there.

Hold the wheel steady
When taking turns or holding the car straight down the road, hold the steering wheel steady. Smooth steering keeps you in control of the car.

Maintain a safe speed
Adhering to the speed limit is not just following the law, it is crucial for keeping yourself and others safe.

Follow at a reasonable distance
Follow the “two second rule” will keep you from rear-ending the car in front of you

Be aware of road signs
Never ignore a road sign or safety signal. The signs have been posted for a reason

Choose your lane carefully
If you know a turn or exit is coming up, move into the far right lane early enough to avoid cutting off other drivers.
Use the far left lane only for passing (at a safe speed) and for left exits. When traveling long distances at a consistent speed, the center lane is the safest option.

Source: Christian Brothers Automotive
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