What We Offer

Novice (Beginner)

These lessons are about learning the responsible attitudes & driving skills to keep you safe and confident on the road.
If you are a novice or new to driving in Canada and do not have a driver’s license yet, these lessons are for you.

Driving Refresher

Have not driven for a long time? Feeling anxious when you think about having to drive?
These lessons are for all age groups and will help you to get back on the road with confidence.

Senior Driver Preparation for Re-assessment

These lessons are tailored to seniors that need to prepare for a driving re-assessment.

Defensive Driving

ABC Driving School (Vernon, BC) makes sure to integrate defensive driving skills in their driving lessons, because
defensive driving protects you from other drivers, the weather and bad habits.
Defensive driving is a technique that helps you being aware of your surroundings,
and how to react to risky situations while driving.
This can save the driver, passengers and other drivers from accidents and injury.
We Don’t Follow. We Lead.

Winter / Bad Weather Driving

Sometimes having to drive in bad weather can not be avoided. Bad weather conditions like rain, fog, snow and snow storms can create a lot of stress on the driver. ABC Driving School (Vernon, BC) will provide you with the skills to stay calm and confident in stressful driving conditions.

Night Driving

ABC Driving School (Vernon, BC) can easily integrate “night driving” practice in to our lessons during the winter months.
Peripheral vision, depth perception and colour recognition can be compromised in the dark.
The glare of headlights from oncoming traffic can temporarily blind a driver.
ABC Driving School (Vernon, BC) will teach you how to combat the darkness.

Because Safe Driving is NO Accident!
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